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Friday, 17 July 2015

The Day When I Left My Homeland

My True Story
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I was one of many young people who gave and dedicated whole life for Freedom and Independence of East Timor. But one day at the beginning of 1996 I decided to leave my sweet homeland and even though it was difficult and sad, I went to Portugal.

One years before in 1995, I was captured by Indonesian intelligence. They took me to a strange place and then they started interrogation. They forced me to speak but I decided to not say anything. They used all forms of interrogation from mental terror to torturing my body. They said that all types of violence is legal. They put a gun to my head and said "you will die if you don't say anything". I kept quiet and then they released me.

I took the decision alone to leave my homeland without money, without anything. It was a very difficult and hard time for me. I had to leave my family and my friends. My childhood memories were destroyed by the war.

In 1996 I went to Portugal. There I met my sweet heart. I still dedicated my life for working side by side with East Timor Independence Movement to release East Timor from Indonesian occupation. Just one thing was on my mind and that was how to become a good messenger for representing my country around the world.

In 1999 the United Nation organised a Referendum in East Timor and about 80% of the population voted for independence. In Lisbon I voted for Independence of East Timor. That time was the happiest time for me, my family and the people of East Timor.

After the war and to build a new relationship between the two nations, the East Timor Government and the Indonesian Government worked together for RECONCILIATION. It was the key to building a new future in East Timor. Even though it was hard to forget all the human violence during the last 24 years in East Timor, reconciliation was crucial.

Today, the East Timor and Indonesian government have a good relationship but the memories of the war have never ever faded.

My Country Now Free From War
Now I'm happy because my country is free from war.
Happy at last because theres no more war in East Timor.
The white colour, the green colour.
They mean my country is living in peace and hope.
One guitar,
One chair,
One music,
One bike,
My whole being enjoying together.
Some food,
Some drink,
Some party dishes,
Some dancing together with friends,
And planning for the future.

People don't cry anymore because of war.
People no longer like war.
Theyve said goodbye to war.
And welcome to peace and reconciliation.
People wake up in the morning and go to work,
Coming home from work they can talk about the future.
And I hope if all the people in the world read this poem,
They will say "were happy because theres no more war in East Timor".

Politicians! Please don't make any more war in East Timor.
Nor people from other countries, please don't make war.
People from Indonesian and Australian,
Please work together with East Timor,
To make a better future of East Timor.
Folk from around the world please enjoy this poem with me.

Celso Oliveira

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